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The academic program for each child at Rose Academy is designed by the administration and teachers based on academic testing and the needs of each student. Each academic area has goals based on the components of that content area.

Rose Academy, LLC offers a unique approach to education for students who are ready to develop reading/writing skills, expand their thinking skills, and develop math skills in a nontraditional format. Students are placed in instructional groups according to their level of achievement instead of the traditional gerade level assignments.

Elementary students in grades K through 5 receive daily instruction in phonetic skills, word reading, reading comprehension, written expression, math calculation, application of math skills, problem solving, computer math, science and social studies. They also receive physical education 2 to 3 times weekly and have the option to enroll in art and music classes during Directed Independent Studies.

Middle school students in grade 6 through 8 receive instruction in the CORE classses of language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies. Every middle school student enrolls in at least two math courses to prepare for high school standards. Middle school students receive physical education 2 to 3 times a week and have the opportunity to enroll in art or construction during Directed Independent Studies.

Middle school students that have average to above average skills can enroll in one or more Florida Virtual School courses such as Spanish or HOPE with support from Rose Academy teachers. Receiveing high school credits by enrolling in FLVS high school classes allows Rose students the opportunity to work at an advanced pace and to provide flexibility in future academic choices for their high school curriculum.

High School

Rose Academy offers a challenging blended high school curriculum for students who can meet or exceed state standards. To ensure that students at Rose Academy receive the highest quality experience, Rose provides small group instruction by teachers certified in core academic areas to support the advanced curriculum offered by Florida Virtual School.

  1. All FLVS courses meet or exceed state standards and carry credits that are accepted by all other state supported high schools.
  2. All text materials are online, and as such, can readily be accessed by students and parents 24-7. This allows the flexibility to work efficiently within each student's individual schedule.
  3. FLVS revises and updates their curriculum consistently to adjust to changing academic standards. This is not possible when schools are in the position of committing to a textbook for 4 to 5 years.
  4. Students enrolled at Rose Academy can take a combination of regular courses, honors courses, and/or AP (Advanced Placement) courses to best design and support their own academic goals.
  5. Each student has the advantage of 2 teachers for each FLVS course; an FLVS teacher who is an expert on each specific course, and a Rose Academy teacher to reinforce time management and study skills.
  6. Students have the benefit of small group discussion of class concepts and hands-on activities with their classmates.
  7. In addition to FLVS courses, Rose Academy designs elective classes that are designed to support Literary Analysis and Math Problem Solving Skills that will help them be successful in more challenging core curriculum.

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