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About Rose Academy, LLC

Rose Academy, LLC was founded with one purpose - to build a space for all students to grow, learn and create with each passing day. Through a unique teaching approach and a truly passionate staff, we help students develop academically and personally to the highest level.

We are a small, private school with a focus on the development of academic skills in a loving environment. Our mission is to help students reach their academic potential while nurturing their strengths and remediating weaknesses. We want each student at Rose Academy to thrive and flourish.

We have between 45 to 50 students working with 7 teachers. Classes are between 4 to 15 students. Students are tested and placed in learning groups according to their academic achievement levels. Most of our students have the ability to reach State of Florida Standards and the ability to receive a State of Florida High School Diploma. 

We do not feel that we are the right place for students with behavior disorders or students who are not able to develop academic skills. 

We invite you to explore our site and discover the academics and community Rose Academy, LLC provides to each and every student. Get in touch with us today to schedule a tour, learn more about enrollment, or ask any other questions.


Meet Our Staff

Guidance, Inspiration and Support

Head of School

Elaine Rose

Mrs. Rose has been the Director of Rose Speech and Academic Center for 41 years and is the Head of School for Rose Academy. She has 15 years as an in-service instructor for Florida State University, teaching new and current teachers throughout the State of Florida. She spent two years working as the Academic Specialist for the Multidisciplinary Team and three years as assistant director of the Reading Clinic at Florida State University. One year was spent as a reading specialist in Leon County for grades 3, 4, and 5. She taught first grade for three years in Cairo, GA. She earned her Masters Degree in Reading and her Undergraduate Degree in Elementary Education from Florida State University.

Florida Teaching Certification: K-12 Reading, K-12 Exceptional Student Education (ESE), Elementary Education 1-6, Social Science 5-9, English 5-9

Certification #514572

Why Parents Choose Rose Academy

Small Class Size

Core classes, math, reading, and science, are limited to 3-10 students in the elementary grades and 6-12 students in middle school.

Personal connections between students and teachers

Students are met with individually to plan their curriculum and to meet their needs.

Instructional groups are arranged according to achievement levels not according to standard grade levels

Each student can feel as though they are in a class among their peers.

Students are instructed at their own level of achievement.

Students can take advanced level classes in one academic area while receiving remediation in another academic area.

Academically advanced students are challenged with above grade level curriculum.

Gifted and talented students can develop academic skills beyond their grade level without being placed in classes with students who are significantly older.

Students in need of remediation in a particular area, receive this instruction throughout the day without being pulled out of classes

Traditional labels such as learning disability are not used.

Students are evaluated on a nationally normed test as needed, twice a year.

This information is used to redesign instructional groups and curriculum. Parents receive a written report.

Each student in grades K-7 is tested each week to monitor progress.

Parents are informed of the scores on weekly tests.

Character development is infused in every class.

Students study famous people who have chosen ethical life styles. Students meet in target groups to develop responsibility and empathy.

Rose Academy students read more novels than students can in traditional classrooms.

Our belief is, that students learn to read by reading.

Parents receive weekly updates and report cards every 9 weeks.

Classwork is sent home every Friday for parental review.

Rose Academy offers a fee-based homework class every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

These study skill classes are supervised by Rose Academy teachers to ensure accuracy. Completing homework at school can take stress off of home life.

Rose Academy offers a structured and calm learning environment.

Students must be respectful of authority and able to benefit from group instruction.

Rose is not a school for students of low intellectual functioning.

Rose Academy does not offer life skill training but is focused on academic advancement.

Rose is not a school for students with behavior disorders.

Students who attend Rose Academy have to demonstrate school appropriate behaviors. Students cannot limit the learning environment of other students.

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