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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept scholarships?

Yes, we accept:

  • Step-Up FES-UA

  • Step-Up FES-EO

  • Step-Up Tax Scholarship

  • Hope

Will we owe fees for the amount not covered by scholarship? Can payments be spread out over the school year?

Yes, any fees not covered by scholarship will be up to the family to cover. Payments can be spread out over 10 months.

Do students have homework?

Yes, all students receive homework Monday through Thursday. Homework is a requirement. We offer a fee-based homework class every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. The fee is $190 per month.

Do you have afterschool care?

Yes, students can stay from the end of school until 5:20. The fee is $290 per month.

How big are class sizes?

Each class is between 4 - 15 students under the guidance of one of our 7 lead teachers.

Do students receive grades?

Yes, parents will receive a Friday folder with current grades, completed assignments, and weekly tests.

What time can students arrive?

Students may arrive as early as 7:30 am.

Are students evaluated for academic progress?

Students in lower school are periodically evaluated for academic progress.

Do students at Rose Academy have behavior issues or do they bully other children?

Rose Academy does not tolerate bullying. Students with significant behavioral issues that limit learning for other students are not permitted to stay at Rose Academy.

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