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Other Services We Provide

We invite you to look at the other services we offer.

Rose Summer 2024 brochure
Afterschool Tutoring

Remediation & Enrichment

Rose offers Academic Remediation and Enrichment sessions at our office located on Timberlane Road. Sessions are offered in the following areas: reading, math, written language, and study skills. Our goal is to develop and expand academic skills to assist students in reaching their potential.

Contact for more information.

Summer Sessions 2024

Our purpose is to design individual goals for each student in each class and to meet these goals in a supportive, nurturing environment. During the summer, we will continue to offer 50-minute small group sessions (for the full day or half-day) as well as one on one sessions.

Download an application now to get started with registration. This can be either dropped off at our office located on Timberlane Road or emailed to Mrs. Rose.

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